Jesse Klinkhamer – Managing Director

jess_bioJesse is one of the original founders of EEISS. Jesse is also currently one of the founding members of Klean Industries a highly successful company that is focused on turning waste streams into domestic energy, sustainable green commodities and new jobs. Jesse has over 25 years business development experience and over 15 years of experience in the energy industry and solid waste management sector. As a consultant he has managed more than a thousand assignments worldwide on all aspects of solid waste management ranging from feasibility and financial assessment to bid evaluation and contract negotiation. Jesse is now a recognized authority on energy and environmental technologies, their applications and end products.

Jesse was also founder of Solid State Investments, a private investment firm assisting junior resource mining and technology start-ups companies. Additionally he also provided sales and marketing services to resource companies involved in hydrocarbon refining in North America. Over a decade ago Jesse realized the potential of the low carbon economy and facilitated the change of SSI’s focus to become a service provider for niche cleantech companies. After years of research and development Jesse sought out the best and most commercially proven technologies available in the market, which led to the creation of Klean Industries and the ownership advanced thermal treatment technologies for converting waste into clean energy. Jesse has a real depth of knowledge in the advanced thermal conversion technology space and has directed engineers’ feasibility reports for a wide variety of energy related projects totaling more than $20 billion in project capital costs. He has interacted with bond rating agencies, financial advisors, insurance underwriters and investment bankers involved in these financings. His efforts have included the development of detailed spreadsheet rate models establishing the financial feasibility of each projects, long-term economic forecasts and projected rate impact upon project users and customers alike.

Jesse’s expertise and knowledge within the industry has led to many awards and nominations, most notably being made Environmental Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Programme. He is frequently requested to speak at clean technology and environmental conferences worldwide. Jesse is a long standing member of American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”) and is an active voting member of the technical committees for setting the international standards for Carbon Black, Recycled Rubber and Tire Manufacturing. Jesse is a passionate environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast.

Jim Klinkhamer – Director

james_bioJames is a passionate world traveler and has been actively involved in sustainable logistics for over 40 years. Prior to joining the EEISS Team, Jim was a senior executive at Westrim Express Lines an international transportation company which was bought out by Can Am in 2008. In this role, he was responsible for sales, company logistics, contractual agreements, and supply chain economics. Jim has handled a number of specialized shipments working directly with prime contractors from the hauling waste to oil field equipment to entertainment parks.

Jim understands that now more than ever, that business should be doing more in implementing strategies that focus on the holistic management of their supply chains. Companies can make excellent products, they can run brilliant sales and marketing campaigns, but the performance of the supply chain can make a significant difference in the long term financial health of a company and the products it brings to market. Companies all around the world are struggling with falling demand for their products, and tightening of the financial markets, so the pressure to cut costs is intense. In such an environment, the spotlight is firmly on supply chain professionals to deliver improved performance and, at the same time, do it more cost-effectively with a small environmental footprint and this is where Jim excels.

Jim entered the logistic industry in 1974 and has served several different operational roles. Jim graduated from Business Management Certificate Program. Jim is also the Director of Supply Chain Logics for Klean Industries and is also father of Jesse the Societies Managing Director

Richard Klinkhamer – Director

richard_bioRichard has been active the world over in the lumber industry since 1978 with a particular passion for lumber made from Forest Friendly™ sources including salvaged timber. He has owned and operated 3 sawmills across British Columbia. In 1997 he started Whistler Forest Products Corp and has worked in the Forest industry ever since. Most recently Richard has patented a new ultra efficient log home design called the Timber-lock system which can be made using much more sustainable logs than traditionally built log homes. Richard also owns the trade marked name “Forest Friendly™”. Richard is often asked to speak on BC Forest Friendly Wood Solutions involving Sustainable Forest Products with a focus on Custom Re-manufactured Products, which has evolved into his specialty. Richard and Whistler Forest Products are an active member of the not-for-profit BC Wood Trade Association.

Richard brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the board of EEISS and his hands on experience of sustainable forestry, general timber products and the lumber industry as a whole is second to none. Richard has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life and has been an active world traveler. Richard is the younger brother of Jim Klinkhamer and is the Uncle Richard to Jesse the Societies MD.